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latest in beauty review

I’m torn on the concept of subscription boxes. On one hand, presents for me? Fuck yeah! On the other, how much gold to shit ratio are we talking? And why does every subscription box come with a generic black mascara and a fruit scented handcream?

However, I am totally in love with the Latest In Beauty subscription box. I pick the Beauty Guru monthly box, mainly because the idea of me being in any way referred to as a Beauty Guru makes me smirk. It’s £18.00 for nine products and the best thing is that you pick the products! You could have, like, nine generic black mascaras if you wanted!

I’m not in love with how pink the branding is, but that’s my personal preference.

latest in beauty box

In your first box you get a make up bag, which is really nice and sturdy. I use mine to store my travel screwdriver set! #toptip

I didn’t love the logo on the bag – “glam on the go”, me? Seriously? But with a little trip to etsy and only burning myself once on the straightening irons, voila!

I’ve had three boxes in all and no, I’m not going to review all the products because that’s insane, but look at all the awesome stuff I have got!

There have been some duds in there – the DHC Alpha Artutin White Mask (third pic) was the worst fitting sheet mask I’ve ever tried and the White Rabbit Comfort Cleansing Balm was deeply unpleasant, like smearing wax into my pores.

But! SO MANY GOOD THINGS! My top five favourites:

REN One Minute Facial

It just works. But when they say one minute, they mean one minute, not “I’ll check my phone for a minute”. You’d probably get down to the bone.

111Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask

My first cellulose mask. The fit was horrible. The scent was medical. It wasn’t big enough for my moon face and it dripped down my neck like I was a Boy Scout in a girls’ locker room. But fuck me, did it work. My skin was smoother, plumper and some nasty rough patches completely disappeared. The effect lasted for two days too, which in my mind makes this magic.

Oskia Renaissance Mask

Some products are a joy to use. This mask is buttery soft and luxurious and I swear to God, smells like Turkish Delight. It makes my cheeks glow. I feel like a better person when I use this, like I could go for a run tomorrow and also clean under my kitchen cupboards.

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel

Now, this was a nice surprise. There were three uses in this sample which I thought was generous. If you have a tiny little doll face I bet you could even cut up the pads and get like, two uses out of them.

I wa tense when I used the first pad (the acidy one to exfoliate and make you ungross). It’s gonna hurt, it’s gonna hurt, BEAUTY IS PAIN. Except… it didn’t. Huh. Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have swiped it over my mouth as that was stingy, but I was trying to text and brush my teeth at the same time. The second pad (“Anti-aging and neutralising”) took away the slight stinging around my poor little mouth and, yeah! Instantly looked like I’d slept more than three hours last weekend.

Dr Dennis, I salute you and I think you are a good man.

Africology Purifying Cleansing Gel

This smells so good, almost savoury. It’s really effective, doesn’t strip my skin and the ph is 5.5. What more could I ask for? Oh, and it doesn’t cling mercilessly like some cleansers but washes off quickly and gently. My new favourite cleanser, I’ve already repurchased.


As I was finding the links for my favourites, I was wincing at some of the prices. The Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel is £75 and the 111Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask comes in a box of five for £85. But then I realised, that’s why I love this subscription box. It allows me to try products I would never, ever be able to afford to buy. And that’s why I’ll continue my subscription. Because it makes me feel like a boss.


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