your vagina is fine

Christ, that headline makes me sad. The article is slightly better, although describing sheet masks as a recent invention is, uh, nah.

I liked the final line, a quote from a dermatologist.

“There’s no need to go overboard”

Dude. We have already gone overboard. We’ve jumped ship, given our raft to some rich bitch and we. are. drowning.

This week I have seen multiple “whitening” products for “intimate areas” on major kbeauty sites. You know, for when your gross vagina is super super gross. I am not linking to them. 

Basically, we have run out of places on the female body we can a) shame them about and b) sell them shit.

I GUARANTEE your vagina is A Okay. Better than, even. See a doctor if you’re worried and lucky enough to have access to healthcare (enjoy it while you can Americans).

And just. Stop. Stop hating on yourself. Nobody ever fucking whitened their vagina out of self love.

If you’d believe a group of random marketing wankers, tossing out ideas to sell bullshit products… Then why not trust me? I won’t even charge you.

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