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let’s fucking do it – all right all right

As a person with a brain and eyes and an internet connection, I am a huge fan of Tracy from Even though we have utterly different skin types, I read her blog religiously. I may also make notes. Maybe. If that’s not weird.


Tracy recently wrote a post called Why I Think You Should Start A Korean Beauty Blog. Read it, dudes, it’s a fucking delight.

Starting this blog has been something I’ve talked about for months but never actually pushed the button. But now Tracy gave me tacit approval, well. Here I am.

I really love skincare. I really hate the beauty industry. Or rather, the beauty industry hates me. Either explicitly or implicitly, the message is, this is not for you. This is for real girls.

I can’t think why.

But, you know what? Fuck the beauty industry. Fuck the counter assistants who openly laugh at me, or on one memorable occasion, refer to me as “it”. As in, turning to her coworker, smirking and saying just loudly enough for me to hear, “I doubt it’s going to buy anything, watch it”.

Even online, beauty communities talk about their totes  adorbs boyfies in sheet masks, or scream, “my eyebrows make me look like a MAN!”.

The assumption is, if you’re here you want to look pretty, young and fuckable. Here are the products you can buy to make that happen!




This is possibly a terrible error. But if you’re smirking, this isn’t for you. It’s for anyone who has ever felt excluded by the “beauty industry”. It’s for the young gay boy who wants to feel pretty. The trans woman who is terrified about going for a facial. The gender non conforming person who just wants nicer skin, godfuckingdamit.

Or if you’re as straight as a ruler but fed up of the unfair standards expected of women (and increasingly men) by an industry that treats aging as an offence against nature, come the fuck in and sit down. Bar is open, first round is on you.

So thanks Tracy. This is all your fault.

6 thoughts on “let’s fucking do it – all right all right

  1. Can you shout out the essential items that an idiot who knows zero facts about skincare needs to buy please?

    The sort of idiot who had to be told not to use a big bar of soap to wash their face (whilst in their late twenties and v. spotty)

    I’d like to spend my money in the right areas and make the best choices to begin this face ambush.



  2. Hey – I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog via instagram and omg, I love your blog so much. This gay perspective on skincare is exactly what I needed in my life. Really looking forward to your future posts.


  3. I am an idiot and somehow managed to let the autocomplete function fill in my real name in my last comment – I’d be really glad if you could delete my last comment above. For the sake of completeness, I’m quoting it here again:
    “Aww, damn, I didn’t see your reply until today when I suddenly decided to look at the comments on your posts (I am lost without notifications…). I follow you on Instagram – I’m minaharker87 and mostly post selfies, pictures of books or papers I’m reading, interesting geometrical shapes I build with zometools and some pics of places I visit and want to remember, it seems.”
    And hey, I finally noticed that I actually can get notifications for new comments on this! Convenient!


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